Magatama are a type of demons used to penetrate the Shield. Magatamas are often referred to as "demon offspring". They are worm-like creatures born from a demon's body. They are the most dangerous out of all demon types being able to penetrate the Shield. "Penetrating" is here used loosely, as it is more similar to "slipping through cracks".


A demon first creates a magatama. How this is done is unknown. The magatama shares the same name and similar abilities as the "parent". After birth, a magatama passes through the Shield in order to enter the Mortal Realm. Its next mission varies from magatama to magatama.

Common MagatamaEdit

Common magatamas seek a human as host. Typhically the host is over the age of 12, though there are rare exceptions. The magatama enters a human body by making a small hole and living under the skin. After a period of adapting to the new body (usually around one to two weeks) the magatama begins to slowly transform the host into the demon that birthed them. This is done different from magatama to magatama, and takes from one up til four weeks until full transformation. In total, a transformation takes three to six weeks, although there are rare cases when the process is faster or slower (the slowest known being 60 years of adaption and three weeks of transformation). If the host is not purged before the last days of transformation, their minds stop functioning, allowing the demon to fully take over.

Animal MagatamaEdit

Animal magatamas take animal hosts, and only mammals and birds. The process is the same as with common magatamas, although the times for adaption and transformation are usually shorter.

Spirit MagatamaEdit

Spirit magatamas are born from weak demons and do not posess a host - instead, they find a safe hiding place, usually in a remote area far from humans, and builds a cocoon of silk. After about 4 weeks they emerge in animal form (usually foxes, racoons, ravens, but also many others). These Spirit Demons are harmless and usually watch over an area such as temples or forests, serving as protective spirits.

Necro MagatamaEdit

Necro magatamas are also referred to as "Trickster Magatamas". They seek only dead hosts, and only humans. They are picky, and only choose fresh bodies with a certain amount of Spirit Ability. This makes them the rarest out of all magatama types. Necro magatamas enter a dead body within 24 hours after death, and take control of it in a couple of minutes. They stop the decomposition process, although most organs stop functioning - the body is working solely on the magatamas life energy. Interesting enough, a dead body posessed by a demon can usually still feed and defecate, although it is completely unecessary. These demons can be either friendly or hostile, although they should be proceeded with caution as they can quickly change loyalty and/or views (usually by reasons such as boredom). They are, however, a valuable source for demon information.

Irregular MagatamaEdit

Irregular magatamas are all who do not fit into one of the above categories.

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